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* Sub-Juniors times will be split following team selection, you will be notified via email once this process has been completed of the new times.

*** Times may vary subject to hall availability and team selections


All of our Coaches are qualified Level 1 and are registered with QLD & Australian Calisthenics. They all hold Senior First Aid Certificates and have current Working with Children Blue Cards.




Coaches will split age groups into teams (Blue Team, White Team and/or Silver Team) for some items. This may be based on numbers, height, age or physical ability. This is done to provide a safe inclusive environment for all members and coaches. Therefore, not all members may be in all or every item, some members will move on and off during the item to fit in with coach’s choreography. It will be the coach’s decision as to which members are in what parts of each item. Please do not approach a coach in relation to team selection.












NOTE: Children must be delivered to and collected from the hall. We ask parents to remain with their child when dropping off before class until the door is opened and the coach allows them into the hall. They must wait quietly INSIDE the hall for collection at the end of class. Parents please be prompt as scheduled class times only come under the supervising Level 1 coach’s Duty of Care. Any other time that does not fall within the scheduled class times is the parents’ responsibility.

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