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Solo, Duo, Graceful - 2022 Application Form

We are now taking expressions of interest for the 2023 Solo, Duo and Graceful (SDG) Season.
Applications close Sunday the 23rd of October 2022.


To participate in a SDG in 2023, members must have passed relevant Calisthenics Skills Exams and must compete in all team competitions in 2023. SDGs are additional to team work. Girls participate in these items to improve technique, confidence, flexibility and to experience performing on stage in a solo or duo environment.

The training venues for 2023 are in the process of being confirmed. Please note days and times will depend on availability of halls and coaches. 


To find out more about the differences between a Solo, Duo and Graceful, click here.


SDG Competitions

Note: At this stage dates for SDG competitions have not yet been released by CAQI. As soon as we have received more information, we will pass it on. 



Costs for SDG are additional to Team Term Fees and include a payment due to the club, which covers hall hire and a film from the State Championship. The below cost is an estimate and will be confirmed once all applications have been received and hall hire is finalised. 


Fee Payable To Club

Solos/Gracefuls - $250.00

Duo (per person) - $125.00

NOTE: The above amount is an approximate cost, an acceptance letter will be issued and will outline costs that are to be paid to the club by the 28th February 2023. The above excludes the following additional costs.


Additional Costs

  • Coaching Fees – This is to be arranged directly with your coach 

  • Competition Entry Fees – To enter any competition, participants will need to register and pay online to the association hosting the competition. Typically this costs $40.00 - $50.00 per item (per competition). Your coach will be able to assist you in this process. 

  • Costumes – Costumes must be approved by the coach, however, are the responsibility of the competitor to arrange. Costumes can be made, purchased second hand or hired. Prices for costumes vary from $40+. Please discuss costume options and budgets with your coach.

  • If your child is selected to compete at nationals or chooses to compete at Cali Unite, hall hire and all related costs are additional to this and must be paid before nationals.





Application Form
What items would your child like to perform in? Select all that apply.

Note: If you have multiple items, please select from drop down for each item, where not applicable please select this option.

* External Coach - This must be pre-organised by yourself to select, if selecting External Coach Calisthenics Buderim will contact you for confirmation of coaches name and contact details if they do not have them.

Due to the competitive nature of solos, duos and gracefuls (SDGs), as well as limited coaching availability, places are limited for SDGs in 2023. To ensure participants are at a suitable standard for SDGs, a minimum set of skills must be achieved. Sub-Junior to Senior participants must be able to safely and competently demonstrate 3 out of 5 or Tinies 2 out of 5 of the following skills to apply for a SDG in 2023:

Thanks for submitting your interest! Calisthenics Buderim will notify you of the outcome of your application by the end of November 2022.

Terms & Conditions

  • Coaches are allocated pending availability and preferences are not guaranteed 

  • Some of our Calisthenics Buderim coaches are not included in the drop down list, this is due to their availability or request to be excluded from this list. Please select your next preferred coach in this instance.

  • Duo partner preferences are not guaranteed and are determined by coaches and committee based on suitability. 

  • Should you choose to engage a coach outside of the Calisthenics Buderim Coaching Team, you are still required to submit this form and agree to all club rules and regulations regarding SDGs.

  • SDGs are a privilege and a reward, it is a requirement of members to ensure they continue to give 100% in team work. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of SDG.

  • All SDG participants must compete in team items at ALL competitions in 2023 to apply for a SDG.

  • All outstanding fees from 2022, must be paid prior to applying to do a Solo, Duo or Graceful in 2022, unless an agreed payment plan is in place. 

  • Expression of interest does not mean that you are guaranteed all requested SDG items, SDGs will be allocated based on coaching availability. Calisthenics Buderim aim to ensure all applicants are allocated at least one of the requested items at minimum.

  • If your child does not pass pupil skills exams, they will be ineligible to participate in SDGs in 2023.

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