2020 Cadet Coach Applications

Calisthenics Buderim has seen outstanding growth in the last few years, and we require pupils that have an interest in becoming a future calisthenics coach at Calisthenics Buderim to undertake the Cadet Program.  

As a cadet coach at Calisthenics Buderim, it is expected that you meet the following expectations:


  • Attend all scheduled trainings and competitions

  • You must ensure to always conduct yourself as a positive role model for our girls and a representation of our club

  • Assist your coaches as much as possible, always ask your coach if you are not sure

  • Encourage, inspire and motivate all pupils to be their best and enjoy their time, regardless of ability

In addition to these expectations, you are required to have:


  • Successfully Completed Grade 2 in the Calisthenics Skills Program

  • Completed 1 year of Demonstrating

In 2020, we are looking for the following cadet positions:

  • Tinies - 2 x Cadets (Mondays 3.50pm - 5.40pm)

  • Sub Juniors - 3 x Cadets (Tuesday 3.45pm - 6.45pm)

  • Juniors - 2 x Cadet (Monday 4.00pm - 6.45pm)

  • Masters - 2 x Cadets (Day and Time TBA)


NOTE: Cadet positions are limited and are subject to availability. If you are unavailable on certain days we may not be able to offer you a cadet position in 2020.


If you are interested in being a cadet coach at Calisthenics Buderim in 2020, please fill out the info below no later than 30th November 2019. The executive committee and coaching team will meet at the start of December and you will be notified of the outcome of your application shortly afterwards.


Cadet Coach Application Form

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