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Calisthenics Buderim Inc. is a not for profit organisation, run by a team of dedicated passionate volunteers. In order for the club to continue to uphold its impeccable reputation within the community as a safe, organised and professional association -
fundraising is essential.

Fundraising benefits all age groups

and club members. It allows us to

keep our fees at a reasonable cost

which include much more than the

average dance school. Through fundraising we are able to

hold extended practice days and workshops in preparation for team

competitions, purchase new and improved equipment ensuring we offer each

pupil the opportunity to achieve their personal best whilst maintaining optimum

safety. We are able to purchase gifts for teams, prizes for individual achievements and

materials for costumes and props to ensure our girls look and feel amazing on stage.





Hydration Engineers

The troops from Calisthenics Buderim will be manning a water station. This job is to assist in handing out water to the athletes, that are hoping to qualify for a place in the world championships! An exciting way to fundraise for the club whilst helping the local community.


Running in APRIL 2024

Wine Drive

Raise a glass for Calisthenics Buderim, now in its 30th year! This fundraiser will be running throughout the month of April.  


Running All Year for 2024

Raffle Tickets

You can win great prizes while supporting  Calisthenics Buderim! Every ticket gives you the chance to

Win hundreds of amazing prizes! Tickets are $10 with at least $5 going back to the Club!



Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Calisthenics Buderim Inc have been lucky enough to be chosen to host 3 x BBQs at Bunnings! So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to cook some snags. The BBQs will be split amongst the age groups so each age group will share joint responsibility for running the BBQ on their given day. It is a fantastic opportunity for us as a club to not only raise funds but to increase community awareness of our much beloved sport.

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