Each unique team based item improves the overall health, fitness, strength and flexibility of performers, as well as offering skills and benefits to take into everyday life.

March – marching to create complex patterning developing spatial awareness, core strength, rhythm, deportment.

Freearm – a creative series of strength and flexibility

movements developing core strength, flexibility, deportment.

Rods – manipulation of a metal rod with movement developing technical skills, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking.

Clubs – circular swings with wooden clubs developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, rhythm

Aesthetics – graceful movements technically placed and interpreteddeveloping musical appreciation, grace, poise, emotional expression.

Rhythmical Aesthetics – graceful and elevated movements technically placed and interpreted developing rhythm, dance, expressive storytelling, leaps, leg extension for running and other sports.

Character Dance – series of dance steps to tell a story developing rhythm, dance, storytelling, acting.

Song with Action – singing with movement and expression developing confidence, vocals, listening, communication, performance skills.

Song and Dance – singing with dance and expression developing dance, vocals, stamina, breathing.

Dance Arrangement – dance and interpretation developing spatial awareness, dance, elevation, expression, performance skills.

Calisthenics Review – a creative performance to tell a story developing performance skills, acting, creative expression, confidence.