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About Us

Calisthenis Buderim Juniors 2016

Calisthenics Buderim Inc. is located on the Sunshine Coast and established in 1994. We have a strong team of accredited coaches and volunteers who are dedicated to the sport and their pupils while striving to achieve FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP!


Calisthenics Buderim is proud of all their pupils and encourages each girl to achieve her personal best. The club welcomes all new participants and their families to join our friendly club.

Calisthenics is a unique Australian sport that involves a team of pupils learning routines choreographed to music  and presenting those routines at competitions. Pupils learn approximately six routines concurrently throughout a year and this is where the diversity of the sport is seen. 


Calisthenics is both a sport and an art – it encourages physical development, coordination, self-discipline and team spirit, and develops an appreciation of music and rhythm, the beauty of line and the excitement of presenting on stage.

Calisthenics Budeim Subbies Rods
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