Solos, Duos & Gracefuls


Solos, Duos and Gracefuls are additional to team work, girls participate in these items to improve technique, confidence, flexibility and to experience performing on stage in a solo or duo environment.


Calisthenic Solo

Calisthenic Solo is a combination of strong movements involving high levels of flexibility, extension of movement, control and uniformity of rhythm, testing an individual’s natural grace and dance stamina, flexibility and timing. It is optional for competitors to use hand props or apparatus.


Graceful Solo  

Graceful Solo is an individual’s ability to interpret music through graceful flowing and ballet movements, feeling and softness demonstrated through body movements and facial expressions.


Calisthenic Duo 

Similar to the Calisthenic Solo, but where two competitors perform together interpreting a theme and often characters. Performers must interact and relate to one another. Often these routines are comical and very enjoyable for the performers and audience.

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