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Calisthenics Buderim has seen outstanding growth in the last few years, and we require a strong coaching team to be able to facilitate future expansion of our club. All positions and teams are considered open and available for application.

All coaching applications will be treated as confidential until coaching positions have been finalised in October/November.

As a coach at Calisthenics Buderim, it is expected that you meet the following expectations:


  • Attend all scheduled trainings, and if extenuating circumstances arise, contact a substitute coach to take your classes should you not be able to attend

  • Conduct classes in a safe and encouraging manner that protects girls from physical or emotional harm

  • Work closely with the Calisthenics Buderim Committee and Coaching Coordinator

  • Attend regular coaches’ meetings, both at a club and state level

  • Encourage, inspire and motivate all pupils to be their best and enjoy their time, regardless of ability

In addition to these expectations, Level 1 Coaches are required to have:


  • Current Level 1 Coaching Accreditation

  • Current First Aid Certificate (must have at least 3 months validity at the time of application)

  • Blue Card

If you are interested in coaching at Calisthenics Buderim in 2024, please fill out the info below no later than the 31st of October 2023. The executive committee will meet and you will be notified of the outcome of your application shortly afterwards.


Coaching Application Form

What Coaching Level are you interested in Applying for in 2024?

Definition of the above Level 1 Coaching Positions:

Level 1 - Head Coach:

Choreograph all items. You will be solely responsible for communicating with Exec Committee and Families, posting regular training videos in group, organise extra training/holiday training, sourcing and organising team costumes and uploading music and DLP for all items.

Level 1 - Co- Coach:

You will share the responsibilities listed above with another Level 1 Coach.

Level 1 - Assistant Coach:

You are not expected to choreograph items, but may be asked to assist the Head or Co-Coach with choreography as needed. You will not be expected to be responsible for the organisation of communications, training or costuming.

Level 1 - Class Helper:

You are not expected to choreograph items, your role is to assist the Coach and team as needed.

What Age Groups are you interested in Applying for in 2024? (Proposed Training Day Listed)
Are you willing to coach/ be involved in more than one age group in 2024?
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