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The Calisthenics Skills Program is designed to allow girls to develop fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, rhythm and musicality. It encourages correct deportment and poise and at the same time promotes self-esteem and self-discipline. Pupils are examined on a test or a grade suitable to their age.

For pupils wishing to participate in solos, duos and/or gracefuls for 2024, they must have attained specific levels within Calisthenics Skills.


Participants looking to participate in our Cadet Coaching Program need to be actively participating in calisthenics skills and have achieved Grade 1 prior to commencing as a Class Demonstrator and Grade 3 to be a Cadet. 


Classes for Pupil Skills are held once a week during Term 4 on a Thursday at Mountain Creek Primary School. Training will commence Thursday the 21st of September with the following proposed times*:



Test 2: 6.00pm - 7.00pm*

Test 3: 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Grade 1: 7.00pm - 8.30pm*

Grade 2: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Grade 3: 6.00pm - 7.00pm*

Grade 4: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

NOTE: We will also be having a mock exam day, this is proposed to be during class time and will be confirmed following registration.

*To be confirmed following registrations, times may vary depending on numbers for each exam level, please keep Thursday afternoon free at this stage.


Which skills program should my child do:

Born 2015/2016 - Test 2

Born 2013/2014 - Test 3

Born 2011/2012 - Grade 1 

Born 2009/2010 - Grade 2

Born 2008 - Grade 3

Born 2007 - Grade 4


Exam Dates/Location:


Location: Typically Sunshine Coast:

Exam Level: Test 1 - 3

Dates: TBC

Location: Typically Brisbane

Exam Level: Grade 1 - Grade 4

Dates: TBC

*Exact Date, Location and Time will be confirmed closer to exams



Pupil skills are an ‘additional’ cost, and will be finalised once participant numbers for each level have been determined. 

Approx Cost $200 - $250 (including deposit amount)

This cost includes, but not limited to: Exam, Hall Hire and Coaching Fees

Please note a $80 deposit is payable upon registration for pupil skills to secure your child's place, once this has been received your child will be registered for the exam. 



STEP 1: Complete the enrollment form below no later than 7th September 2023.

STEP 2: A $80 deposit is payable upon registration to secure your child's place. Remaining payment will be invoiced and can be paid via an agreed payment plan or in full.

STEP 3: Following receipt of your application form & deposit and once numbers are finalised. You will be emailed information regarding your registered skills level.  It is an expectation that all pupils will have viewed their test /or grade material online and are familiar with the content before attending classes. At classes, pupils train with others in the same test or grade and progress through the syllabus. Pupils will find it difficult to produce a passing grade if they have not put the time in at home to practice. Coaches reserve the right to withdraw your child from attending exams if they are not confident in the skills exam syllabus.

Register for Pupil Skills

Does your child wish to perform in a solo/duo/graceful/trio for 2024?

Thanks for submitting! We will send through more details in September and look forward to you joining us for the Calisthenics Skills Program.

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